10th Anniversary – Wind & Cloud x Giant Limited Road bike (10 Bikes limited Worldwide)

Cycle for Millions is grateful to announce a 10th anniversary limited edition of road bike worldwide, which is designed by Mr. Ma Wing Shing with his signature comic, “Wind and Cloud” and produced by GIANT. These 10 bikes are limited edition worldwide, with a charity price of HK$48,800 each.

* One bike per customer.
* Limited offer, on a first come first served basis.
* Design for reference only, subject to final product.

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The most efficient race bikes have the perfect Balance of light weigh, stiffness and smooth compliance on the road. The TCR Advanced delivers on all three, making it a versatile performer for competitive road riders.

The Advanced-Grade composite of the TCR Advanced frame manages to shave every gram possible – without sacrificing its pedal-stomping stiffness. The OverDrive steerer system and MegaDrive downtube are engineered for the precise handling so you can rail corners at speed. And the Variant seatpost is engineered for an ideal blend of efficiency and compliance – so you stay fresh until the finish on those big days in the saddle.

Light weight Efficiency

Composite frameset is engineered to offer minimal weight without sacrificing pedaling stiffness and efficiency.

Pro Pedigree

Proven geometry and precise steering stiffness makes this frames design the choice of climbers and all-rounders who complete at the Giro d’Italia, Tour de France ans other major races around the world.

Speed and Compliance

The Variant composite seatpost and Giant WheelSystem with tubeless tires combine for a smooth ride and low rolling resistance.


Advanced Composite Technology

Giant’s High Performance Grade raw carbon material is used to produce this custom frame material in our own composite factory with a high stiffness-to-weight ratio. The front triangle of these framesets is assembled and molded as one continuous piece in a proprietary manufacturing process called Modified Monocoque Construction.

Compact Road Design

Introduced by Giant with the professional Team ONCE in the 1990s, Compact Road revolutionized the look and feel of high-performance road bikes forever. A downward sloping toptube (from the headtube to the seattube) creates smaller front and rear triangles for a lighter, stiffer bike. It also makes it easier for riders of all sizes to have a perfect fit.


Giant’s original oversized fork steerer tube technology. Designed to provide precise front-end steering performance, the system’s oversized headset bearings (1 1/4” lower and 1 1/8” upper for road, 1 1/2” lower and 1 1/8” upper for mountain) and tapered steerer tube work in conjunction to provide optimal steering stiffnes


GIANT SLR-1 42 Wheelsystem

Made with ultralight composite rims, this pro-level mid-profile aero disc WheelSystem is a great all-around weapon for sprinting to the podium or a solo attack on a ride in the mountains. The SLR 0 42 is a fine balance between efficiency, control and durability in a stiff, lightweight and race-ready package.

SUPERIOR EFFICIENCY — market-leading transmission stiffness, best-in-class weight and optimized aerodynamics.

PINPOINT CONTROL — market-leading lateral stiffness and superior braking performance in all conditions.

ENGINEERED DURABILITY — handcrafted with proprietary materials, resins and processes.




In 2016, Giant became the first major manufacturer to begin delivering new bikes with Tubeless System technology already installed on its performance models. This allows consumers and retailers to avoid the usual hassles of adding rim tape, valves and sealant on their own, and instead experience tubeless performance right out of the box. Now Giant has expanded that technology to all levels of riders, a step that is revolutionizing the cycling experience for a broad range of cyclists. This system delivers three key benefits: 



The Giant Tubeless System offers everything you need. With a full collection of WheelSystems, tires, tools and accessories, this is your one-stop shop for the tubeless experience. 





100% GUARANTEED COMPATIBILITY: Giant Tubeless System products go through four validation processes at the Giant research and development facility to guarantee complete compatibility within each targeted cycling category.


ENHANCED DURABILITY: Four additional validation processes ensure that the products meet optimal durability standards in extreme conditions.


THE RESULT: When you assemble Giant Tubeless System products, you can be confident that they are designed to work as a total system.



The Giant Tubeless System improves performance in four key areas: Efficiency, Control, Comfort and Safety.

  • EFFICIENCY: Lighter weight, lower rolling resistance and WheelSystems with Dynamic Balanced Lacing create lighter, smoother and faster performance.
  • CONTROL: Lower air pressure, combined with proprietary silica-based compounds, results in improved traction and control under fast cornering and hard braking.
  • COMFORT: Lower tire pressure means less road vibration is translated to the rider, resulting in a smoother ride quality.
  • SAFETY: Tubeless tires are less prone to pinch flats, and the sealant seals small holes. This significantly reduces the likelihood of sudden deflation and allows riders to maintain better control.


ULTEGRA DI R8050 series is "pro-proven" As road bike component, the stress-free operation is one of the most important feature to lead all day riding comfort with braking and shifting.


Electronic shifting with Di2 offers the ultimate feeling of power and precision. Customization options help you to establish a click feel that matches your individual style. Once you’ve customized your Di2 to shift to your personal preferences, it will continue to do so without losing accuracy.


ULTEGRA Di2 also adopts Synchronized Shifting. Riders can operate both derailleurs by pressing a single shift button, obtaining optimal front/rear gear positioning. At the same time, Di2’s auto-trim feature automatically centres the front derailleur precisely around the chain, avoiding chain rub. The new ULTEGRA Di2 levers include top-of-the-hood buttons for remote shifting, which can be programmed to shift gear or control ancillary devices such as compatible computers or lighting.


The PD-R8000 Pedal receives numerous refinements resulting in a lighter overall weight and a lower stack height. Those refinements along with a carbon-composite body and extra-wide platform, deliver efficient power transfer.