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Towering over Hong Kong for more than 70 years, Chung Yung Brothers Cycle Co. is a bicycle company that specializes in wholesale and retail of bicycles and related parts. "Take from society, use for society" has been the company's core mission since the 1990s, using bicycles as a means to promote charitable activities and contribute to the Hong Kong society. The company has been contributing to the society harmony by joining and promoting various charitable activities with bicycles.

Fundraising targets: HK$168,000
~ To raise funds for Pok Oi Hospital for building the largest elderly home in Hong Kong.
~ To promote cycling culture in Hong Kong and encourage people to stay active and healthy.
~ To advocate for environmentally friendly and sustainable low-carbon living.
~ To increase cyclists’ safety awareness and road safety consciousness among Hong Kong citizens.

RAISED HK$172186.00

# Name Donation Date Amount
1 簡弘峻 $500.00
2 慈善青蛙王子 $1,054.00
3 梁偉傑 $500.00
4 鎭洋兄弟單車公司 $10,800.00
5 李國慶 $10,000.00
6 柳雅婷 $1,000.00
7 吳文堅 $5,000.00
8 戴佩凌 $2,000.00
9 Mr Fu (Thailand) $8,000.00
10 Connie Wong $1,000.00