Declaration & Participant Notice

Declaration by Participant
  1. I will be participating in the Shanghai Commercial.Pok Oi Virtual Cycle for Millions. I hereby declare and warrant that I possess the basic cycling skills and participate in this event under my own free will. I shall comply with all rules or regulations and other ad hoc arrangements or decisions made by the Organizer. I agree to assume all liability for any accident resulting in death or injury, or for any damage to or loss of property during the course of the event. I shall not hold the Organizer, co-organizers, sponsors or supporting organizations responsible for compensation or any legal responsibilities. I also agree to pay reasonable compensation to the Organizer for additional expenses incurred by the Organizer arising from any trouble or accident in connection with my participation in the event.
  2. My personal data is only used for registration of the event and is strictly confidential.
  3. I agree that the Organizer has the right to use the data that I have been recorded during the course of the event, including my name, gender, images, portraits, voice, videos, interviews and other activity records for marketing purposes.
  4. I hereby declare and warrant that all funds raised directly or indirectly through my participation in Shanghai Commercial Pok Oi Virtual Cycle for Millions will be paid in full to the Organizer on or before the designated cut-off date. In case of encountering adverse weather conditions, force majeure events* or other uncontrollable factors, the Organizer has the right to make changes or cancel this event. All funds raised will still belong to the Organizer.

    *Force Majeure
    Includes and is not limited to the Organizer being unable to perform its obligations or organize or hold the Event due to fire, flood, earthquake, or other severe natural disaster or act of God; or due to protest, riot, civil disobedience, uprising, march, revolt, assembly, demonstration, occupation, commotion, mass gathering, war, insurrection, sabotage, epidemic, or terrorist attack or the likelihood of such event or act.


Participant Notice
  1. In view of COVID-19, all participants must maintain your personal hygiene and protection when you are riding. For details, please refer to guidelines from Centre For Health Protection, Department of Health.
  2. Due to safety concerns, participants should always wear helmets and other protective gears (e.g. Knee Braces, Elbow Guards, etc.) during outdoor activities.
  3. Participants should follow the (Road Users’ Code), and choose safe cycle ways for cycling activities. For details, please refer to Safe Cycling Guides from Transportation Department.
  4. Parents guardians should accompany with participants aged 16 or below.
  5. Oversea participants will receive finisher medals and Puzzle only, due to the Import and Export Ordinance.
  6. Participants may purchase their own accident, personal injury and effects insurance if needed.
  7. The Organizer reserves the rights to limit and refuse any application.
  8. All personal data will be used for registration purposes only and will be kept strictly confidential, only our authorized members can access to and handle your personal data. Participants agree to receive information of activity, promotion, service from Pok Oi Hospital by Email
  9. The Organizer reserves the rights to the final decision. Any temporary changes or updates about the event will be announced on event’s website.