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Important Dates



6 February 2023 (Mon)

Open for Online Application

Application can be submitted via online system application or application form. An application email will be sent once the application process is completed. Upon settlement of online payment, a payment confirmation will be sent to you via email.

17 March 2023 (Fri)

Application Deadline

Online application system will be closed.


2 April 2023 (Sun)

Deadline of Updating Information 

The "Update Participant's Information" function in "Participant's Management System" will be closed. 

5 April 2023 (Wed)

Open for Virtual Cycle For Millions Application

6 April 2023 (Thurs)

Starts of Virtual Cycle For Millions

Participants may begin their challenge and upload cycling record.

10 April 2023 (Mon)

Cut-off Date for Top Fundraising Awards

Top Fundraising Awards and Merit Fundraising Award will be presented in order to encourage participants to raise funds and engage in the Cycle for Millions event.

29 March to 8 April 2023

Participant’s Pack Collection

A confirmation email will be sent to participant’s registered email,  address two weeks before the event day. All participants will be informed to collect participant’s pack  materials within the collection period.

16 April 2023 (Sun)

Event Day & Carnival

Participants will assemble and kick start at different time slots as assigned by the Organizer.


Starts of Virtual Cycle For Millions

Participants may begin their challenge and upload cycling record.

26 April 2023

Deadline for Additional Donation and Sponsor Information Update

Additional donations will no longer be accepted. “Update Sponsor Information” function under “Participant's Management System” will be closed on that day.

27 May 2023 (Sat)

End of Virtual Cycle For Millions

The event will be ended by 23:59 that day. Participants are advised to upload their cycling record as early as possible.

29 May 2023 (Mon)

Cut-off Date for Uploading Cycling Record

Participants should upload their cycling record by 23:59.

13 Jun 2023 (Tue)

Virtual Cycle For Millions Issue Donation E-Receipt

Donation receipts will be sent to participants via email. The “Download E-receipt” function under “Participant's Management System” will be launched open in the meantime. If participants cannot receive the email, they may download the E-Receipt from the participant's management system if fail to receive any email.